remove symbol & convert comma separated values to rows

before start looking up script you can run this script to see the result in advance:

SELECT regexp_substr(regexp_replace(‘&STRING’, ‘[^A-Z0–9-,]’, ‘’), ‘[^,]+’, 1, LEVEL) a
FROM dual
CONNECT BY regexp_substr(regexp_replace(‘&STRING’, ‘[^A-Z0–9-,]’, ‘’), ‘[^,]+’, 1, LEVEL) IS NOT NULL;

after that enter text…

import os
import pandas as pd
from datetime import date

f_name = ‘Samle Data.xlsx’ # Enter excel file name (from the same directory)
prfx = os.path.splitext(f_name)[0] # you can change prefix
sffx =‘%Y-%m-%d’) # or suffix

WS = pd.ExcelFile(f_name)

for i in range(len(WS.sheet_names)):
df = pd.read_excel(f_name, sheet_name=WS.sheet_names[i], dtype=str)

Copy excel sheets and save as another file with VBA

in this VBA Module I used simple functions for save as sheets in another excel template files

  1. Save as Macro-Enabled Workbook

2. Enable Content

Create virtual “dummy” Table, for testing something in stydying process, you can make like this:

For using one table many times use temporary table function

;WITH - CTE common table expression

CTE Table

;WITH tablename as ( 0any select script select * from -) select * from tablename

Irakli DD

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